An association of supporters for Kichizoh Wakayagi on October 25, 1994 .

Mr. Sahyoe Tsuda, the chairman of the k.k. Yatsuhashi-honpo.
Vice President
Mr. Keiichi Ohkura, the chairman of the k.k. Gekkeikan.
Vice President
Mr. Taroh Hirose, The President of the k.k. Hirose Shohkai


You enjoy Japanese beautiful turning of season and fresh daily life, I hope with pleasure.
I study hard always accomplish our mission since succession of the name of Kichizoh Wakayagi, the fifth head and master head of the Kichizou Wakayagi.
In upheaval of times, it is necessary to develop Japanese dance correctly, understanding justification of its existence and meaning.Artistic sense of Japanese dance has fostered not only to follow classic expression but also demands of era and yearning.Motivated by my mission for Japanese dance, I make up my mind to study and prosper moreover conventional Japanese dance supported by many persons.
Young and inexperienced as I am, I solicit your lead and encouragement respectfully as I devote myself to the mission furthermore.

Kichizoh Wakayagi,
Head of the fifth and master head of the Wakayagi school.

Recommendation of admission

The “Kissho-kai” started in October 1994 as an association of supporters of Kichizoh Wakayagi, under the sponsorship of the following main members who are willing to foster him who assumes responsibility of one of traditional dance in Kyoto , the Wakayagi school.
Mr. Kohichi Tsukamoto, The Chairman of the k.k. Wacoal.
Mr. Keiichi Ohkura, The Chairman of the k.k. Gekkeikan.
Mr. Taroh Hirose., The President of the Hirose Shohkai.
Mr. Tsukamoto accepted the position of president, talking “I felt upright and refreshing character a youth in old days, on Mr. Kichizoh”.The position of the vice presidents were consented willingly by Mr. Okura and Mr. Hirose.
Mr. Sahei Tsuda, the Chairman of the Izutsu Yatsuhashi Honpo succeeded the position of the president after passing away of Mr. Tsukamoto.
Kichizoh Wakayagi succeeded the fifth head and master head of the Wakayagi school in January 1997, and to announce it, exhibited at the Kyoto Minamiza on July 28, 1998, and also at the Tokyo National Theater in autumn, November 1999, and keeping up to promote and develop Japanese traditional dance further.

Special favor on admission to the Kissho-kai

  • Invited to public performance promoted by the Kissho-kai, and dance exhibition by Kichizoh Wakayagi and Wakayagi school
  • Present a bulletin carrying news & activity of members, and recent situation of Kichizoh Wakayagi and his pupils, in concert with the “Ryuhoh”(Circulars of the Wakayagi school) which is published in order to promote friendship between Kichizoh Wakayagi and his pupils.
  • Attendance to a social of members, Kichizoh Wakayagi and his pupils
  • Guidance of dance of Wakayagi school for circles promoted by members, and group of members' place of work.

You are recommended to join by all means as many other useful privileges and plansare arranged.

Yearly membership fee

Yen 10,000/Unit
Juridical person
Yen 30,000/Unit
Apply for Secretariat
Tel. 075-611-1234 or  info@wakayagiryu-souke.jp