the Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center, The Sakura Hall, in Iwate Prefecture on May 2(Sunday) 2004.
The Wakayagi school "kotosaijiki" Dance of Kyoto

Kichizoh Wakayagi, the head and the head master of the “Wakayagi” school successfully exhibited the “Wakayagi” style “Kotosaijiki” Dance of Kyoto at the Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center , The “Sakura Hall”, in Iwate prefecture on May 2, 2004 .
It was a good chance this time to put on the stage that he happened to play last year a dance of celebration on a feast of completion of the Sakura Hall which was held by taking advantage of Kitakami City as the native place of Judoh, who was his mother and a ward of the school.
The programs were “Kuruwa no Shohgatsu”, “Gosho no Ume ”, “Daigo no Sakura”, “Gion no Sairei”, “Sagano no Aki” and “Iwayama no Ishibashi” accompanied with “Maiko”(Dancing girls) and Geisha being active service.
For all the above programs, the prize for new star were awarded on the 2003 Art Festival, promoted by The Agency for Cultural Affairs.
The “Sakurano” Department Store located in Kitakami City opened a “Display by stores of old standing in Kyoto ” in support.Many persons must have enjoyed and felt elegance of Kyoto close to them.
It is our great pleasure if our exhibition on this time turns helpful for cultural exchange between two cities of Kitakami and Kyoto .We can never express our gratitude to all the persons who rendered to back-up and service for the exhibition.

Iwayama no Ishibashi

Kuruwa no Shohgatsu

Gosho no Ume

Daigo no Sakura

Gion no Sairei

Sagano no Aki